In need of private room (Clarksville)

Responsible 26 year old woman looking for a room with basic furnishings to rent. Ideally I’d like to find a living situation with other women or a family. I will not consider living in any situation that may involve hooking up.

• I have a part time job and will continue this until I find full time employment.
• I am committed to paying rent on time.
• I am good with animals and children if you have any.
• I have no criminal history, am totally clean/don’t do any drugs and I don’t smoke.
• I can pass a background check as I’ve passed other background checks to do work as a nanny and with children and disabled in a nonprofit facility.
• I am responsible, trustworthy, keep to myself, am quiet, neat and respectful.
• I did 4 years of ROTC in high school.
• I can afford up to $350 a month in rent if all utilities are included.
• I am open to helping out around the house like providing childcare to reduce rent. BUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SEXUAL.

My father who I lived with recently, passed away, so I moved back to Clarksville where I have someone to stay with. However this living situation, though generous, is limited because it is sleeping on a mattress in a living room without full access to the bathroom (no access to the shower). So I’m trying to find a private room with full bathroom access in a peaceful, stable home that would appreciate a considerate, quiet and neat roommate. I don't have any kids or pets, and I mostly keep to myself. I’ve found a part time job and I’m working on finding a better-paying job that’s hopefully full time ASAP. However, I am eating with food stamps at the moment and as my income is limited, I can currently afford no more than $350 total with all utilities included. As stated earlier, I am open to helping out around the house like providing childcare to reduce rent but DEFINITELY NOTHING SEXUAL. I have my own vehicle.

Thank you for your time.


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